Moby Dick Summer is a newsletter, book club, and challenge to read Herman Melville’s classic Moby-Dick; or, The Whale in one summer.

Moby-Dick is 135 chapters (plus the Etymology, Extracts, and Epilogue), but some chapters are very short, the equivalent of a page. Subscribe to be emailed a few chapters of the book every Monday and Wednesday. And on Fridays, you’ll receive either a television style recap of the week’s readings or surprise bonus material (interviews with Moby-Dick mega-fans and scholars, guest essays, or other fun ephemera). The first chapters will be sent on Memorial Day (5/30/22) and the last will drop at the end of September.

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Who is in charge here?

Moby Dick Summer is captained by Kristen Felicetti. I’ve never read Moby-Dick, so this summer I’ll be reading it with the rest of you in real time.

There are many editions of the book but I’m reading the Norton Critical Edition.

Many thanks to Jon Wilcox, the illustrator who made Moby Dick Summer’s logo and banner.

Much respect to the OG Dracula Daily.

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Herman Melville

Yeah, I wrote Moby-Dick.

Moby Dick Summer

Chasing the Great White Whale all summer long

Kristen Felicetti

Writes some things. Travels a lot. Works on the support team at Substack. Was weirdly obsessed with Moby Dick one summer.